about back carrying

using a back carrier will improve your quality of life!

Our Back carriers are comfortable to wear, and can be used for babies from about 5 months, giving them an amazing view of the world around them. Held close to your back, they are safe, comfortable and secure. You can enjoy the experience of new discoveries in the great outdoors together.

important facts and features of back carriers

Top of our list of is of course child safety, all our carriers meet and exceed the requirements of the British and European Standards for Child Carriers. We have the thickest padding for a comfortable ride, combined with an easy to adjust, safe, secure harness system, making it a doddle to put your baby in and take them out.

To get the most comfortable carrying experience it is important that the child carrier has the correct weight distribution, and a good fit which means the weight is carried on your hips and not your shoulders.

Weight of carriers – remember to check the weight of the carrier you buy, as the weight you carry will only increase as the child gets heavier! This is why we pride ourselves in making the lightest carriers on the market.

Using a back carrier means you can go anywhere, as it’s often easier to use a carrier than a buggy. Carriers are a great way to bond with your baby, and are as useful in the town as they are for dog walking.

comfortable carrying

The key to more comfortable carrying is to distribute the load through the lower back and hips. Our unique back system is designed to fit the contours of the spine, it protects and supports the lumbar area. Our clever design means that most of the weight is carried by your hips, not your shoulders or waist.

All of our baby carriers feature superb padding around the lumbar area and hip belt. bushbaby premier and elite have a more technically shaped hip belt which is moulded to fit the hips with the addition of airmesh to help ventilate the back.

The back length on all adjustable carriers is easy to change and will fit a person from around 5ft to well over 6ft. The back length on all carriers is easily adjustable and the hi-tech harness system, used by mountaineers to carry loads that are a lot heavier (but nothing like as precious) is much more secure and reliable than slide adjust mechanisms..

They really are the most comfortable back carriers around!

bushbaby – back carrier systems 2012

The essence of comfortable carrying lies in the back system and internal framing of the carrier. That’s why we developed the ‘bigeye’ system.

Our patented ‘Bigeye’ back system utilises a series of colour-coded eyelets to create a simple yet 100% secure adjustable back system. The Bigeye system is non-slip, even with the heaviest of loads (tested to 20kg).

The colour coding helps parents to identify and remember their own setting.

bigeye max – back-system

Allows you to choice your perfect fit from the different height positions. A series of colour-coded eyelets create a simple yet 100% secure adjustable back system.

Carriers with Bigeye Max
  • Pinnacle
  • Elite
  • Premier
  • bigeye basic – back-system

    Allows you to choice your fit from the three different height positions. A series of colour-coded eyelets create a simple yet 100% secure adjustable back system.

    Carriers with Bigeye Basic
  • Lite
  • Micro+